14 Januari 2013, day 14, only 351 to go!! haha

Well, seems being creative helps me to get inspired to make more….

I have thought a while about this one…


I thought of stepping stones,

then  I thought of choosing a path,

every path is good, but they lead to different doors..

and again…

every door is a good choice..

look at your options, consider them,

make a choice,

if it feels good, it is the right one, step forward with confidence…

Some doors may close, others will open,

do not focus only on your destination….

embrace the journey, enjoy the colours of the rainbow on your path 🙂

(is it just for me, or does the pic not come up for anyone? i have to click on it to see it …)

*********    🙂      ********

I have to apologise for the shape of my stepping stones,

All 3 other people in the house right now they think they were awesome!!…steaks!!… haha

I think we’ve deprived them from steaks for too long….lol…

I better go and count those cows in the paddock!


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